The Gambler By Fun Analysis

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In the song, The Gambler by fun., the songwriter expresses his feelings for his significant other. His feelings towards her are loving and happiness. The song discusses memories between the two from when they were young and progresses into present day when they are older. Each memory demonstrates his feelings of never leaving. The songwriter uses a reminiscing tone, imagery through their memories, and repetition of certain verses and references to nature within the song. The predominant tone in the song is the reminiscing of the memories that the two had and looking forward to the ones that are going to come. All the memories that he has of her are when they were young, moving for their son, and when she almost died due to a medical reason. Although some of these memories are rough, the speaker is …show more content…
The speaker repeats the verse, “you know that I will never leave your side,” yet again demonstrating his love for his significant other. He sings this verse after every time that he discusses a memory that he had with her, showing he will be there through the good and the bad of their relationship. The writer also repeats a nature element to refer to their relationship. From society’s point of view, nature is a beautiful creation that we recognize as having innocent and good features. He uses the beauty and terrible things about nature to discuss their memories. In the beginning of the song, the songwriter says, “all the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes,” which shows that the babies are a beautiful creation similar to flowers. The speaker uses the unpleasant features in the fourth stanza when their life was not that great. The verses, “It was the winter of ‘86, all the fields had frozen over. So we moved to Arizona to save our only son,” to show that they were scared of losing their son, but things were looking up as

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