Son Of God Movie Analysis

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The “Son of God” is a well done, dramatic film, depicting the historical Jesus, as well as his divinity. The film portrays Jesus through many accounts that occurred in the synoptic gospels and the book of John. I was surprised to see how closely the film followed scripture and tried to show who Jesus was, even Jesus as the “troublemaker.” It is not considered to be, “his inner struggle but his outer conflict. Jesus violated the law and disturbed the peace” (Tatum, W. B., 1999, p. 19). The film captured many moments that I would have overlooked prior to taking this course. The film began with John as the narrator which was interesting. It spoke about the difficulties living under the Roman Empire and discussed how impoverished and oppressed the Jewish people were. It spoke about the treatment of women, children, and sinners. I found this to be important because it sets the tone for why they desired a savior. The “Son of Man” seemed fit the synoptic gospels more than the book of John, however there were certain portions of the film that were in John and not in the synoptic gospels. The film showed the “sermon on the mount” which is not in Matthew, Mark, or Luke. The last supper is not in John, but it is in the synoptic gospels …show more content…
The “Son of Man’ shows Jesus going there more than one time during his ministry, however, I was brought up to believe that Jesus only went back to Jerusalem during the passover and just before his crucifixion. After some research I found that Jesus did go to Jerusalem more than one occasion. “According to John, Jesus’ public ministry extended over a period of at least three and possibly four years. During this time Jesus goes several times from Galilee to Jerusalem. The synoptics appear to describe only one journey of Jesus to Jerusalem (the final one), with most of Jesus’ ministry taking place within one year” (Harris, W. H., III., 2004, June

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