Essay on Some People And Greater Productivity

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Before 20th century, all the company projects were handled manually. There were very less development technology wise. Due to Industrial revolution companies has increased the management tools like project management and technology to solve the complex problems. Project management has taken the turn and brought huge globally. With that, companies relayed on less manpower and more machinery because there were improvements in the equipment and technology has made less labor intensive. Of all the management tools, project management has prospered in IT, refinery, manufacturing and all other related fields. Project management has changed the way industries use to look at development.
Author talks about the overall trend of manufacturing sector in the whole article. Chicago is going to lose jobs at Mondelez, either because of to shift to Mexico or greater efficiency. The first paragraph talks about the brief objective of the project that Mondelez International is going to shift its oreo and cookie production to Mexico. The budget for the new production will be $500 million dollars to build and they require 600 people. The main reason to layoff 600 people in Chicago and start up production lines in Mexico’s largest inland port, Interpuerto Monterrey, is cheap labor, it is connected to two most important railways, Ferromex and Kansas City Southern de Mexico and two airports and also because…

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