The Problem Of Obesity In America

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What exactly is obesity? When we hear the word obesity thoughts that may come to mind are overweight, big, or even unhealthy. It is a disease that affects almost half of the American population (Anderson 2006: 27). It is shown everywhere, newspapers, magazines and on television. There are many solutions to obesity, such as medication, physical activity, dieting, and in severe cases surgery. Economic development, as well as the change of agriculture influence people’s dietary habits and have an effect on their physical activities. The changes that have occurred in transportation and food processing became different in the last couple of decades, meaning the way food is processed and made is more unhealthy now than before. The way we
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The number of people who are obese continues to grow. The society in which we live has an enormous amount of fast food restaurants, junk food advertisements, all you can eat buffets, and now high-fats and high-calories are found in basically all foods eaten. America is declared to be a lazy, obese country, causing childhood obesity to be a major factor health physicians are focusing on (Anderson, 2006: 21). Being obese contributes to multiple illnesses, depression, eating disorders, and death. Metabolic disorders could be found in the liver, in your hormones and gastrointestinal tract, it is causing the body to take in less energy and nutrients (Cohen, 2010; 89). Type 2 diabetes has been found to be linked with obesity in adulthood (Cohen, 2010; 89). More and more campaigns are beginning to take action and are addressing the obesity epidemic and has helped people consume more fruit and vegetable and to be more engaged in physical activity (Cohen, 2010: 89). Obesity is seen to be one of the hardest mental illnesses to get away …show more content…
Obesity causes plenty of illnesses, bringing people to physicians for medication which leads to spending money. Health insurances are spending more and more every year on cases due to obesity(Cline 2006:277). People do not know how expensive the surgeries or treatments are for curing obesity. Low-income families are banking on amount of food stamps they get monthly to feed their families. The food stamp act of 1964 potentially increased obesity by increasing person 's food consumption, resulting in a bigger caloric intake (Baum 2011; 624). Food in the United States is being subsidized for low-income families. Food stamps are allowing people to live off the state and not have to work for their money. Not having to work means sitting in your house, eating and watching television. Some believe that if the United States got rid of food stamps there would be an increase in jobs making people more productive and have to work for their money. The cost of organic food or healthy food in general has skyrocketed. Low-income families are not able to afford the foods to keep everyone healthy and happy so they result to buying the cheaper food which tends to be higher in calories, fat and sodium(O’Rahilly, 2006: 1099). It’s more common to see low-income families obese in America, due to the prices of healthy food. Most people complain about not being able to afford healthy food and buy the cheaper disgusting foods.

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