Solutions To Obesity Essay

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Obesity continues to be a huge problem throughout the United States and is now showing in many other countries as well. Even though the United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world, the rates continue to rise in other countries around the world. There are many causes for obesity in the world such as having an inactive lifestyle or consuming too much processed food. On the contrary, there are many solutions on how to overcome this problem for people such as having motivation and discipline, a well – balanced diet and also exercising. Firstly, exercise is one of the main focuses for trying to lose weight. Exercise benefits people in many different ways. Exercising burns calories, trims body fat and also helps control …show more content…
When dieting, a person must have the right attitude and look at short and long term goals. Goals can be as simple as wanting to lose one pound a week or losing ten percent of body fat in a one-year span. There are many different reasons on why someone is motivated to diet and to keep dieting such as: health, body shape and feelings. People dieting will have to overcome emotional obstacles, have confidence and also completing short term goals to have more confidence to continue dieting. Having motivation for dieting also deals with having enough discipline. “If losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. Many people try and fail every year to shed extra pounds. Finding the discipline to lose weight requires concentrated, ongoing effort, but it is possible” (Becker 2016). Dieting may be a challenge for most people and requires strong willpower to overcome obstacles. Having regular checkups with a doctor about health, using social media to show intentions, consulting a therapist and competing with someone are all ways to help stay motivated and disciplined when

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