Solutions To Human Trafficking

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Many people believe that slavery ended years ago, but it has not ended. Slavery is happening all over the world, right in our backyards. But why? Human trafficking is not something that the world can be blind to. Everyone must know the severity of it and do something about it. There are many reasons to look at this issue like we do every other. There are many solutions to this and they need to be put into action. We are turning our backs on thousands of people everywhere.
Human trafficking is "payment or benefit to achieve consent of a person having control over another person” (Kamalu) and it is a very serious crime throughout all of the world. It is happening in a reported 111 different countries (“Make No Mistake”). Not only is it happening
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These women are taken and are forced to listen, if they do not listen, they are raped until they obey whatever they are told (Kamalu). Many times an issue that occurs is that the traffickers get the victims addicted to a drug and once they are rescued, they leave to go back to get more of the drug (Kristof). Kamalu claimed that many of these women are deceived into the sex trade industry. The victims of this crime are often looked at as “pieces of meat used to pull a quick profit” (29 Arrested in U.S.). These women are threatened to stay with the people who have taken them (“Loreta”). Most times, this makes it hard to for them to get out of the situation that they are in …show more content…
(Sex Slavery/Trafficking). It is said that a huge contributor to trafficking is “poverty, [and] lack of education and awareness among at-risk groups” (Stateless and Vulnerable). Many times the people responsible for sex trafficking, often also traffic other things such as from drugs to firearms (Sex Slavery/Trafficking). Because this crime is highly profitable (Sex Slavery/Trafficking), it becomes a highly wanted job by many people in these areas. Not only are the traffickers uneducated, causing them to take jobs such as this, the victims are also uneducated causing them to be more at risk because of their vulnerability and being unaware of what is going on (Stateless and Vulnerable.) This is why we must create and jobs and education for people in these countries. Once educated, this may not be so high in

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