Solar Thermal Essay

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Solar thermal is a type of technology that is used for utilizing solar energy to get thermal energy. Solar thermal energy is a form of energy in which the sun is used to produce heat that can be used in a variety of ways. This technology has been used for generations and has been constantly improved by modern technology to expand it’s applications.
Solar thermal energy is a renewable energy source that converts the heat from solar rays into electricity by indirect means, using steam cycles. Several types of technologies can be used to generate solar thermal energy. Different designs are used as described below;
Parabolic trough designs
This design uses a curved mirrored trough that
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No full-scale thermal systems using Fresnel lenses are known to be in operation, although products incorporating Fresnel lenses in conjunction with photovoltaic cells are already available.
The advantage of this design is that lenses are cheaper than mirrors. Furthermore, if a material is chosen that has some flexibility, then a less rigid frame is required to withstand wind load. A new concept of a lightweight, 'non-disruptive' solar concentrator technology using asymmetric Fresnel lenses that occupies minimal ground surface area and allows for large amounts of concentrated solar energy per concentrator is seen in the 'Desert Blooms' project, though a prototype has yet to be made.
Heat in the thermal systems is governed by five basic principles. Heat here is a measure of the quantity of energy that an object contains These principles are 1. Heat gain: this is the amount of heat that is accumulated from the sun in the system. The ability of the reflective surface to transmit short wave reflection and reflect long wave radiation enables the system to trap solar thermal heat. 2. Heat transfer: this is done either through conduction or convection 3. Heat storage: this enables solar thermal plants to produce electricity during hours without sunlight. Heat is transferred to a thermal storage medium in an insulated reservoir during hours with sunlight, and is withdrawn for

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