The Sun: The Most Production Of Solar Energy

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The sun is the biggest producer of energy man has ever known. It is also just a normal sized star. Most of this energy is wasted however. On an average day the sun produces so much energy it would power everything we own for the rest of our lives. The solar rays produced from the sun are what can be used as an energy source (Locke, S.). Knowing this many people are harvesting this energy to produce power. This is why solar energy is becoming one of the most popular ways of producing energy. Solar power has been around since the nineteen seventies. It has come a long way since then though. Today’s solar panels are way more efficient that one’s in the past. The early solar panels were made out of silicon, which was expensive. The solar panels …show more content…
The big ways of irrigation just aren’t need there, it is needed on a much smaller scale. For this drip irrigation is a popular method (Irrigation). It is also popular on the big scale too. Drip irrigation is when water is pumped through small plastic pipes with small holes drilled in them and water slowly drips out by the plant. Another way irrigation is used on a small scale is spray irrigation (Irrigation). This can also be used on a larger scale. The most common way for spray irrigation though is for example like watering flowers, or watering a garden. This irrigation method is used almost on a daily basis.
Irrigation is a very important tool within the farming sector. Without it there wouldn’t be as much, or as good as crops we have today. Irrigation not only helps the crops, it helps the farmer too. With healthier crops due to irrigation the farmer will make a better yield at harvest time. This ultimately means more money in the farmer’s
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One advantage would be the low cost of the system compared to the diesel system. The amount of fuel needed to run a diesel system is a lot more than people think. The cost of all this fuel is immense as well. The cost of running a solar powered pump is pretty much free. As long as the sun is shining the solar panel is producing power which then runs the pump. Another benefit to using the solar powered irrigation pump is the lack of maintenance. With the diesel or fuel powered pumps usually a lot of maintenance is required to keep them going over a long period of time. Solar powered water pumps are available in many different pumping powers. Some can pump a few gallons per minute while others can pump a lot

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