Solar Energy Argumentative Essay

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Many people still argue whether or not making the change to solar energy is worth it. With so many controversies going on with solar energy it 's hard to know if people should make the switch. The hidden costs behind have solar panels inside their homes have many still unsure. Some even question if Solar Energy or other renewable resources can meet worldly demands of energy. Even some controversy if Solar Energy really is that beneficial for the environment because of a slight pollution problem. Despite all of the controversies that some people think, solar energy is a good alternative from using fossil fuels. Solar energy, as well as other renewable resources often get backlash as to whether or not they can meet …show more content…
Solar energy has been attacked and called far too expensive for the average consumer. This is because solar panels have had a pretty big installation cost as well as other hidden costs such as maintaining the solar panels, may raise your insurance, and even cause damage to the roof where solar panels are that are inevitably the responsibility of the owner. According to Kevin Begos “ In December 2015, Congress extended solar tax credits allowing individuals and businesses to deduct 30 percent of the cost of a solar system from their federal tax bill. The cost of solar panels has declined significantly in recent years — in the 1960s, a panel cost about $100 per watt; in 2016, the price was 57 cents.” (Begos 1). Solar panel use continues to get cheaper, and more affordable. People who want to install solar panels can pay an upfront of zero dollars to have an installation. Instead of paying the energy company the owner will just pay the solar panel company for the system. According to Shorr “Maintenance and repairs: Since you don’t own the panels, you don’t have to fix them when they break! The leasing company will handle all solar panel maintenance and repairs.” (Shorr 1). The worry of having to learning how to handle solar panels and learn how to fix them is gone because the agency will do it. Now the owner is benefitting from a lower energy bill. Another …show more content…
People have been debating on the environmental benefits on solar panels because there is some pollution involved. Solar energy does not produce any pollution directly like burning coal or other fossil fuels does. However, the panels themselves use some hazardous materials. According to Maehlum “Some manufacturing processes are associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen trifluoride and sulfur hexafluoride has been traced back to the production of solar panels.” (Maehlum 1). The amount of pollution from the panels is not near the amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced when fossil fuels are burned. Another controversial issue is that solar plants can cause environmental issues. Another issue people have with solar energy are the power plants. That building these solar plants by clearing land will have longer term hazards such as harming the animal life. Firstly, this is true with every plant not just a solar plant. Secondly the land clearing is much cleaner than what is necessary for a fossil fuel burning plant that constantly has emissions. Not to mention the process of gathering the fossil fuels such as coal is disastrous to the environment. According to Caldeira “Recent analyses suggest that wind and solar power, connected by a continental scale electric grid and using natural-gas power plants to provide backup, could reduce

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