Essay on Solar Energy : An Source Of Power

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Humans rely on the sun to survive and the market for the solar industry has grown throughout the last few decades. The market for solar energy remains small because of the challenges of integrating solar energy on the power grid. Solar energy production remains very small, “1% of total energy consumption of solar energy, compared to roughly 85% from oil, natural gas and coal” (Make Solar Energy Economical. web). Even though there is an abundance of fossil fuels available now, it cannot remain the main source of energy. One advantage of solar energy is that it provides a long-term sustainable source of power that will exceed future energy needs. Solar energy is clean and free of charge provided by the Sun. However, harnessing the power of the Sun has some challenges. Some of the major challenges in the use of photovoltaic (PV) cells for generating solar energy are, intermittency of their use, converting sunlight into useful power, storing the power when the sun is not available and lowering the cost of materials needed. Engineering new innovations to existing solar energy technology is needed to overcome the many disadvantages that solar energy currently faces.
Right now, there are many technologies in place to combat these challenges; some of which are dishes or large mirrors. Mirror dishes can “collect and concentrate the sun’s rays to heat fluids that drive steam engines that is transferred to generators produce power” (Make Solar energy Economical. Web). Another…

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