Solar Energy : An Effective Energy For The United States Essay

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I think solar energy would be the most effective energy for the United States to develop. The energy cost has dropped because the technology improved. Although some still argue that solar energy is costly, it is beneficial to the environment because it is efficient, it will not give off harmful gases, and it is easily accessible. Solar energy is powered by sunlight, which converts it into solar heating and electricity. There are two types of solar heating systems, active and passive power; solar energy uses this to make electricity. “The passive solar heating system relies largely on the greenhouse effect and, as noted, traps heat inside a building much as a clos

ed automobile traps heat when parked in a shaded area on a sunny day,” (Mongillo 40). The greenhouse effect is when gases build up in a closed area and it traps the sun’s heat. Using the passive solar system is very simple and effective. Passive heating does not always eliminate other heating systems from fossil fuels because buildings are not always exposed to sunlight on a daily basis (Mongillo 41).
The Active Solar Heating System uses devices and electrical appliances to enhance the change of solar energy to heat and electric power (Mongillo 41). “This system can distribute heat more effectively throughout a dwelling because of its pumps and fans,” (Mongillo 42). The Active Solar Heating System requires three difficult solar subsystem steps that explain the process of how to convert energy from the sun in the…

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