Software Management - in What Ways Are the Marshall Field’s Flood Disaster Recovery Effort a Project Why Are Large-Scale Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts Projects

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Software Management

1. Explain in detail the phases involved in the Waterfall model.
2. A software package is to be designed and build to assist in software cost estimation. It will input certain parameters and produce initial cost estimates to be used at bidding time.
a. It has been suggested that a software prototype would be of value in these circumstances. Explain why this might be.
b. Discuss how much prototyping could be controlled to ensure that it is conducted in an orderly and affective way and within a specified time span
3. Differentiate
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3. Who was (were) the project manager(s) and what was his or her (their) responsibility? Who was assigned to the project team and why were they on the team?
4. Comment on the appropriateness of using disaster recovery efforts such as this.
5. What form of project management (basic, program, and so on) does this case most closely resemble?

1. What form of project management (basic, program, and so on) does this case most closely resemble?
2. The project manager is also the director of FS, only one of the departments that will be affected by the new benefits system. Does this seem like a good idea? What are the pros and cons of her selection?
3. Comment on the team members’ part time assignment to the project and the expectation that they give the project top priority.
4. Much of the success of this project depends on the performance of team members who are not employed by Quick, namely the HBS consultants. They must develop the entire hardware/software benefits system. Why was an outside firm likely chosen for such an important part of the project manager in meeting project goals?

1. What is the system? What are its key elements and subsystems? What are the boundaries and how are they determined? What is the environment?
2. Who are the decision makers?
3. What is the problem? Carefully formulate it.
4. Define the overall objective of the water waste management program. Because the program is wide-ranging in scope, you should

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