Software for Human Services Organizations Essay

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Software for Human Services Organizations
Donna Good
September 30, 2013
Kari Siemieniewski Pierre, MSW, LCSW

Software for Human Services Organizations
Thanks to technology, the human service field could become more efficient. Electronic filing of client or patient information puts the information at the fingertips of all involved in the care of each individual. Before computers, client or patient files were hard paper copies that only one person could have access to at a time within one office unless a copy of this file was made for each professional involved in his or her case. Technology changed this by someone creating software, which stores all information on the client or patient. The case manager can have access to
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8. Multifaceted Approach – different approaches are needed in different situations, and this system is prepare to help handle and find the right approach to any situation. C. Advantages 9. Scalability and Accessibility – “ClientTrack is cloud-based and accessible with simple Internet connection, compatible with mobile devices and scalable from a handful of users to hundreds” (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). 10. Powerful Reporting Features – This software has a built-in data explorer tool that allows users to build custom reports. This software uses simple graphic interface and is easy to learn. If a person can surf the web he or she can use this system to assess client outcomes, evaluate program effectiveness, and strengthen fundraising (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). 11. Easy Collaboration – Optimize the ability to smoothly and securely share clients’ information as each move from one service to another. The software adapts to collaboration no matter the size; simple referrals to multiple organizations (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). 12. Simple Interface and Workflow – ClientTrack is easy to master, user friendly, features buttons, and menus, and has efficient work flow. 13. Push-Button Compliance – No longer do human service professionals have to manually generate reports to ensure compliance with funding resources. ClientTrack provides more than 100 standard reports, which are generated by a

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