Explain How Requirements Are Used In Each Stage Of The Sdlc

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The Final Assessment

Identify 4 different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and explain how requirements are used in each stage of the SDL
Four different stages of the SDLC are:
Planning – The first stage of SDLC. It 's purpose is to give a clear picture of the problem that will be solved. This is done after consulting with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Analyzing – the purpose of this part is to find where the problem is. In order accomplish this, the system is broken down into different pieces to analyze the project 's goails, gathering what needs to be created and including users so that definite requirements can be made.

Designing – The purpose of this phase is to create a design that meets the agreed upon requirements. This is the point where it moves from the “what” part of the analysis to the “how”.

Implementation and deployment – It is after complete understanding of the requirements and specifications of the system. Requirements in this stage make use of the hardware and the code being developed, as these determine the success of this stage. Requirements also rely on the feedback after testing. The testing here is done by the developers for obvious bugs which are eventually fixed.

Testing – this is the stage
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The criteria involves; identification of potential development projects, followed by classification and ranking of projects then lastly, selecting the suitable project. Identification of potential projects can be two way, bottom up and top bottom. Bottom up in the sense that the user departments give their opinion first. On the other hand, top bottom where the decision is made by the top management or development committee. After identification, project identification calls for evaluating, prioritizing and scheduling of projects. Lastly project initiation planning is carried out, where the project methodology is now

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