Software Architecture in Banking Essay

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CSSE 377 – Software Architecture & Design II

Software Architecture in Banking
A Comparative Paper on the Effectiveness of Different Software Architectures Within an Financial Banking System

JD Hill Andrew Robby Kruth Joe Salisbury Sam Varga 11/9/2010

Software architecture design is an important aspect of our daily lives whether we know it or not. There are so many different systems that we interact with on a daily basis that we do not recognize are closely tied to software architecture decisions. These systems handle things from stoplights, electricity, televisions, communications, and many other things. Another example of a software system involved with our life is a system that powers banks and financial networks
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Second is criteria collation. Here you take the business goals you decided upon and translate those into quality attributes of the system. Third you need to determine the extraction directives. This means determining what architectural views, tactics, styles and patterns you are looking for based on the previous step. Fourth, view and indicate extraction. This step extracts the architectural views for each candidate according to the specific pieces chosen in the previous step. Fifth, you want to score the ability of each candidate to meet the criteria you have chosen. Finally, you want to summarize the results and provide a recommendation on which process to choose from. Key Business Goals & Quality Attributes We have already decided that the key business goals of the system will be to handle a wide variety of customer needs. They cover things from all spectrums. One is the ability for the customers to have ease of mind that their data is safe when they use the system. Another aspect that is important is the ability for the system to be accessed on a variety of devices. These devices can range from desktop systems at a bank, personal computers, and smartphones. All the different systems will provide different business values because they all fit a specific niche of customer or stakeholder. Due to these different interactions and use cases for the system, it needs to be easy to develop on and make several different user interfaces.

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