Socrates 's Views On Socrates Essay examples

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Socrates lived his a life in controversy. He was frowned upon by many due to his character and how he conducted himself. Many assumed that he was considered to be a part of an elite group of teachers back in ancient Greece, the Sophists. In this essay I will be giving a few reasons on how Socrates were in many ways different than the Sophists. Firstly, Socrates was interested in finding the truth in concepts. Secondly Socrates lived a simple life. The last way that Socrates differed from the sophist was he believed in his convictions and held his character at high standard. These are just a couple of the many differences that set Socrates apart from the sophists.
Socrates was known as one of the wisest men in Athens. It was not due to the amount of knowledge he knew but due to him understanding that he did not know anything. He felt like he was completely ignorant to everything, and in return was known as one of the wisest to have lived. Unlike the Sophists, Socrates was interested in only understanding and finding the truth in concepts or during debates that he encountered. Socrates style of persuasively speaking was similar; however, immeasurably different because he used the method of elenchus. This method is where someone is continuously questioning another person’s point of view, and as a result the point of view is being dissected in search of meaning or truth. During this conversation that is taking place the person is improving their point of view and learning.…

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