Socrates Philosophy In The Apology Essay

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In ancient Greece, philosophy was basically the love for wisdom. Socrates who is the most known ancient philosopher, did not admit to have wisdom or knowledge. His philosophy was always a quest; never a body of knowledge or doctrine (Ansley, 1946).The aim of this essay is to discuss the roles of philosophy according to Socrates in the apology. This essay will include a brief background of the apology of Socrates, the first role namely human wisdom will be discussed and second role namely truth and death will follow.
Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher, whose philosophy still has a huge impact in today’s world or society. In this modern age, Socrates is sanctified as a defender of free speech, honest and relentless inquiry, and the love
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In the previous paragraph we looked at human wisdom being limited.In addition,another role of philosophy according to socrates in the apology is to make people aware that the truth is more important than death.In the apology Socrates told gentlemen of the jury that to fear death,is like thinking that you are wise when you are not.The people of Athens were not allowed ask to question the ways or laws of Athens because they were afraid of getting prosecuted or persecuted.Therefore they consequently kept quiet.They didi not further explore the essence of truth.When socrates started asking this provoking questions to powerful people of athens like politicians, some of them (Meletus) believed that he was undermining the laws of the city and also its leaders.Socrates was then accussed of many things one of them being corrupting the youth of Athens.There after he was sentenced to death.With regard to the spiritual exercises, socrates said that a person who dedicates his life to philosophy necessarily has the courage to die, since philosophy is nothing but the exercise of death(Hadot,2002:67).In the apology socrates outlines that one should not be afraid of death,because it could after all be the best best thing ever happened to man(Grude, 2000).Socrates lived his life of honour and truth,even when his friends offered to help him escape in prison after his sentencing.He refused the offer.Socrates believed that the truth was more imporatant than dying.He said he would rather die …show more content…
And that fearing death will get in a person’s way of pursuing the

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