Essay Sociology Is A Science Or Not?

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Course Objective #2 There have been many arguments on whether or not Sociology is a science or not. Many believe that Sociology is a science and that the research methods employed by sociologists distinguish fact from theory and theory from belief. Sociology is a science because it uses a vigorous methodology. What that means is that a sociologist clearly states a problem that he or she is interested in and then clearly states step by step how he or she gets to their conclusions. Sociologists distinguish fact from theory by stating that facts are what someone can readily observe and theories are linked to explanations to what has been observed. Sociologists also distinguish between theory and belief by stating that theories are explanations for what is being observed and beliefs are a conviction or idea an individual or group accepts as real or true, regardless of the lack of verifiable evidence. Sociologists use varies research methods to reach to their conclusions when deciding if something is a fact, theory, or belief.

Course Objective #3 The three major sociological perspectives are functional, conflict, and symbolic interactionist. Each of these perspectives can relate to human behavior. The functional perspective is the relationship between the parts of society; how aspects of society are functional/adaptive. An example of functional perspective on human behavior is how families are dependent upon the school to help children grow up to have good jobs so that they…

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