Sociology In Social Work

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Sociology occupies an essential part in a social work study. This essay will explore and examine the position that sociology performs in the study of social work mainly focusing on the theories of sociology and certain other aspects concerning sociology. The theories that will be examined include the functionalist theory, the conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. The sociological aspects that will also be examined are deviance, crime, religion so forth.

Sociology, according to Andersen and Taylor (2007 p.22) ‘’is the study of human behaviour in society’’. This definition connects well with Giddens’ definition of sociology in which he argues that ‘’sociology is the scientific study of human life, social groups, whole societies and the
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Problems like overpopulation, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, addiction, juvenile delinquency, prostitution are all analyzed and studied in the study of sociology. In this case therefore sociology provides an extensive analysis that helps to find out ways or measures in which social workers can use to solve these problems. Acording to Armstrong (2014 p.762) ‘’sociology with its attention to history, the politics of social problem construction, and assumptions underlying interventions provides a frame work for reflexity in social problems research’’ which points to the fact that sociology is important to social work because of its capabilities to identify problems in society that require attention to be addressed. Sociological knowledge is highly applicable with today’s most crucial social problems, and in facilitating developmental activities in socioeconomic sectors, Zerihum (2005 p.36). This implies that sociology has the ability to provide knowledge that can identify societal problems. Hence social work as a study of societal solutions to societal problems chips in to find solutions that can solve these

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