Essay on Sociology And Its Impact On Society

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For many students, Introduction to Sociology can be a new field of study in their life. As a result, it will a wonderful opportunity to introduce what sociologists do in our environment. ¨Sociologists study all aspects and levels of society¨ (OpenStax College 2014). Some sociologists focus their attention on the family, groups and organizations, or differences found in the society. Sociologists are focusing on everything that happens in a society such as economy, culture, education, politics, or social problems. They are interested about how people act by interacting with a group of people or in the whole society. Also, sociologists can study problems affecting the society by discrimination of race, gender, or the different social classes that exist. ¨Sociologist examine the world, see a problem or interesting pattern, and set out to study it¨ (OpenStax College 2014). Now, we understand the important role that a sociologist study in a society. Therefore, what it is a society? ¨A society is a group of people whose members interact, reside in a definable area, and share a culture¨ (OpenStax College 2014). Every country in the world have their own traditions, beliefs, norms, laws, religion, food, or language to make difference between other world cultures. Culture could describe us how we are, what we understand, and how we react with a group of people in the society. Some people feel comfortable with people who belong to the same culture to make a grateful…

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