Sociological Study Of Sociology And How Do We See The Power Of Society

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1. What is the study of Sociology and how do we see the "power of society" in our lives through Sociological study according to Macionis?

Sociology could simply be defined by someone as the study of society as a whole and its impact on human relations, but our text defines it slightly more complex as “the systematic study of human society” with society referring to “people who live in a defined territory and share a way of life”. According to Macionis, viewing the power that society has over each of our lives takes practice to see especially in our own lives. We rarely take into consideration all of the factors that affect the decisions we make in life, even when it comes to choosing a college or what age we have children.
The society that we are raised in influences our lives in almost every aspect of it whether we think so or not, it’s practically involuntary. An example of this can be found on page two of our text where it shows a bar graph concerning the power of society when choosing marriage partners (specifically in the United States). According to the graph, 77% of all married couples are within five years of the same age, 78% both partners have achieved the same level of schooling, and 92% of married couples are of the same race or ethnicity. This research is said to aid in the belief that society, clearly, shapes the decisions we make in life, including that of marriage. (Macionis, page 2)

2. Chapter 1, (page 9 in edition 15 and my power points as well):…

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