Essay on Sociolization

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Socialization Paper

Nelson Reyes

Sociology 101

November 12, 2011

The agents of socialization have made me the person I am today. It has also helped shape my personality since I was born to today. After analyzing the agents of socialization that has made me who I am, I feel that school, family, and where I work are agents of socialization that have had more of a priority in my life. It has influenced my emotions, attitudes, and behavior. I will describe how each agent socialized me to become the person I am today and also relate other concepts in relation to those agents. I was brought into this world on June 6, 1991. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but spend most of my sensorimotor stage and preoperational stage in
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I lived there during my concrete operational stage and formal operational stage. I used to ditch school most of the time especially sixth period because I didn’t like my P.E class. I lived with my dad, aunt, and uncle but they were hardly home so I would just hang out in an alley. My dad would only give me a dollar each day for food because that was all he would give me since he had to pay his bills. But no matter what he would always be there for me. I would get really hungry so I had to rob a water bottle from the liquor store so that I can stay hydrated. This one time I was heading to the alley with my sandwich and water bottle and I saw five black guys dancing. I was scared because they were tall, buff, and gangster looking people that wanted to beat me up for my food. They called me up and asked if I was they kid that lives across the street from them and told them that I did. I was also scared of giving them my name when surprisingly one them said their name was Ricardo. He was half black and half Nicaraguan and spoke real well in both Spanish and English. Not knowing he told me that he lived in the same building as me that was a shock because his sister goes to the same school I did and had almost all the classes together.
Because of Ricardo, during my concrete operational stage, he gave me advice on motivating and pushing myself towards what I want. He taught me how to dance hip-hop, and got my involved into my after

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