Sociocultural Aspects Of Cyber Bullying

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At the beginning of this semester I choose to observe how cyber bullying can have a psychological effect on a person. This was a topic that I wanted to learn more about this topic because of cyber bullying has presented in the news recently. Since social media has become such a huge part of our culture the idea of cyber bullying is something that is never going to go away. Because of this I wanted to get more information about cyber bullying to see if they effects of it can actually cause psychological problems to result in psychological disorders. As well as I knew of a few friends that were dealing with troubles of cyber bullying and I wanted to know what risk that they would be exposed to from it. Before doing the observations of Stan and …show more content…
While observing them during the semester I noticed how the sociocultural aspect played a big role with individuals that suffered from the effects of cyber bullying. I learn the effects of consent harassment can have on a person. While for some they can just ignore any harassment that they receive, there are those like Stan and Jane, who are more susceptible to being affected by this harassment. Now knowing that people can differ on how they tolerate harassment gives a better insight to the effects of cyberbullying. While some of the harassment that people will face online will be met with the same harassment. There are those who don’t have this luxury and will start to show symptoms of different psychological disorders. This is something that both Jane and Stan didn’t know how to cope with before the start of this class. But throughout the semester they were able to learn how to cope with the cyber bullying. They both started to block and unfriend people who were doing the bullying. As well as keeping the accounts, private to only people who are friends with them. With their steps they were able to deal with the symptoms cause by the cyber

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