Socio Economic Status And Substance Abuse Essays

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Socio economic Status and Substance Abuse According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use, in 2014, 15.8 million women (or 12.9 percent) ages 18 or older had used illicit drugs; also in 2014, 4.6 million women (or 3.8 percent) ages 18 and older had misused prescription drugs; and in 2013, every 3 minutes, a woman went into the emergency room for prescription painkiller misuse or abuse. The problem with substance abuse has existed in women’s community for decades and continues to grow into an epidemic today. A great part of uncovering the reasons why several women abuse drugs is understanding the role of socio economic status. Socio economic status depends on one’s income, parental education and an individual’s education, mental health, and types of services provided (Patrick 772). Like other various aspects of life, a woman’s given socio economic position within society influences the choice to abuse drugs and utilize resources provided, yet is it safe to say that one socioeconomic group is more likely than another to abuse substances? Intricate research has concluded that even though there are socio economic factors that affect women’s likelihood of substance abuse, substance abuse affects women across all socioeconomic groups, one group is not more likely than the other. To begin with, society constructs myths that living in poverty or receiving a lower income can make a woman more vulnerable to substance abuse, when…

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