Essay on Socio Economic Class And The American Dream

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Socio-Economic Class Most people dream of being rich, not just for the money but for the piece of mind that their family will be taken care of. For many people this is not a reality. Most people spend their entire lives working hard to make ends meet, in hope that their children will have better lives than they did and will be able to move up in social class and follow their dreams. The ideology that you can be anything you dream of with hard work and determination is the exact thing that is taught to us as kids growing up in United States known as the American Dream. For most kids the American Dream is just that, a dream. Moving up in socio-economic class is not impossible, however it is much harder today that it was in the pass and the less money you have the more obstacles stand in your way to achieving your goals. It is possible to move up from the socio-economic class that you where born in and that’s what I work towards everyday. I plan to move up to the upper middle class. Education and hard work are the ways that can help you move up in social class. Socio-economic class is described as a measure of an individuals or family’s economic or social positon compared to others, and is based on income, education, and occupation. I was born into an immigrate family that is described as the lower-middle class. The lower middle class is many times described as a family who’s annually income is anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000. People who live in the lower middle class live…

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