Society 's Principle And One Principle Essay examples

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Society is founded on one principle and one principle only: beauty. By age twelve, I adapted society’s principle as my own. I admired the beautiful actresses with the flawless skin, shiny hair, and thin body. I wanted that for myself and began to straighten and curl my hair at the age of twelve. At thirteen, I wanted more. I begged my mom for contacts, because everyone knows that the girl with glasses are not beautiful—well at least in makeover movies. I then begged her to allow me to get my eyebrows down, and despite of the stinging pain that slapped against my forehead I felt beautiful. However, that wasn’t enough. I began to want more. I wanted to look more beautiful. By fifteen, I was wearing full face makeup. Foundation peppered over my face to hide blemishes and freckles, gold and brown eyeshadow was painted on my eyelids, eyeliner was drawn on the rim of my eyes, and my eyelashes were thick with mascara. This soon became a ritual for me. Every day in my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I would wake up two hours earlier to plaster makeup across my face and to curl or straighten my hair. Junior and senior year was a bit different. I soon began to master the art of makeup and found lazy hacks to where I only had to wake up an hour early to complete my makeup. It was still the same, however. The same ritual where I painted my face, hiding everything about it that society told me to hate. It was not just society who told me to trust in makeup through ads in…

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