Society 's Interactions With Nature During The Middle Ages Essay

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Humankind’s interactions with nature changed during the Middle Ages due to many factors, but the most important of these factors were agricultural technology and the commercializing of its economy. Arguments over the factors that caused this change in the interaction between man and nature can be seen in the works of Lynn White, Lisa Kiser, and Elspeth Whitney. Lynn White argues that agricultural technology did change how man interacted with nature, but he believes that the Christian religion of the Middle Ages was what allowed the technology to change how man interacted with nature. Lisa Kiser argues through St. Francis’s teachings that the commercializing of the economy and ownership of private land changed man’s interaction with nature, but does not touch upon the new agricultural technology that suited commercialized economy and the ownership of private land. Elspeth Whitney disproves White’s thesis on the religious significance of man 's interaction with nature and proves that other factors during the Middle Ages change the economy to a more capitalistic one and the emergence of new agricultural technology changed how humanity interacted with nature during the Middle Ages. Elspeth Whitney’s thesis is the most accurate solution as to why man’s interaction with nature had changed during the Middle ages due to advancements in agricultural technology and the commercialized economy, although it is not used as much as White’s it is still the most accurate. Lynn White’s…

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