Socialization : Socialization, Encounter, And Metamorphosis Essay

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Socialization is the “process by which an organization influences the adaptation of individuals as they learn about the requirements of the job…” (Miller, 2015). Throughout his time at Hill of Beans, Dudley will adapt to the company standards and expectations as he becomes further adjusted in the company. The phases of socialization are marked by points, which can be unique to each individual, in which a member becomes either more or less connected to the organization. The three main phases of socialization in which Dudley will experience: anticipatory socialization, encounter, and metamorphosis. The first stage of socialization is anticipatory socialization. This stage of socialization takes place before Dudley even enters an organization. This includes learning about work itself as well as specific jobs and organizations. People grow up learning what it means to work and to have work ethic and develop values that are important to them that coincide with the way they work. This learning is mainly drawn from observing family and from the media. Many television shows depict people in realistic careers which helps shape their ideas about work. By watching parents work or hearing about their job, people also gain an understanding about work. As this stage is the most universal, it is safe to assume Dudley grew up with similar experiences and has gained knowledge about work before starting at Hill of Beans. The next stage is encounter which begins as Dudley enters the…

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