Socialization As A Member Of The Social World Essay

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For as long as humans roamed the Earth, they have, in one way or another, learned what was expected of them in order to be viewed as a member of their group. This includes an understanding of their society’s beliefs and values, and any lack of comprehension could certainly result in their public ridicule. This process, which is one that is lifelong, became to be known as socialization, which is specifically defined as “the lifelong process of learning to become a member of the social world, including learning the values and beliefs of our culture”. Through socialization, one would learn cultural norms, unacceptable behaviors such as folkways and taboos, language and symbols, how society operates, and one’s place in the world. Through socialization, one works to become a member of their society by learning what is needed to do so. Socialization occurs through interactions, which shapes one to become a member of society, and results in the sense of self, which is derived from the perceptions of how others react to someone. Because of this, socialization is a complex process which is comprised of various aspects that all combine to influence one’s behavior.
Specifically, an example of socialization is the reinforcement of gender norms by family, friends, and the media, among other aspects of society. The gender norms in American society are that men are masculine, i.e. strong, aggressive, and the breadwinner, while women are feminine, i.e. emotional, nurturing, and the…

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