Social care values and principles Essay

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Social care values and principles and their influence in practice


In this essay I will explain the importance and relevance of values to social care, while describing how they impact on care practice. I will also offer my interpretations of ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Individual Worth’, considering the influence of psychology and sociology on these social care values.


In social care, ‘values’ can be regarded as particular types of beliefs that people hold about what is regarded as worthy or valuable (Banks, S. 2012 cited in BASW, 2012a) and social care workers should act at all times in accordance with the principles and values of the profession (BASW, 2012b). The importance of these
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Choice can be offered by giving a service user options within their capabilities, or access to trained representatives to help make choices (The Scottish Government, 2005d). I believe these approaches would allow patients to feel more in control of their lives which would again help increase a sense of dignity.


Social service workers must continually asses risk throughout the day as they are responsible for complying with employers’ health and safety policies

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