Essay on Social Work : A Social Worker

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Social Work profession wasn’t what I was interested when I was a child. Especially, I didn’t have a really good experience with a social worker when my parents were going through a divorce and there was violence. Actually, I didn’t even know the person who accompanied my mother’s lawyer was a social worker. I just remember one of the ladies asking which parent would I choose to live with. When I heard this I was confused and upset. I didn’t want to choose one parent. Another example of a ‘bad’ social worker is the ones who takes children away from families. For instance, one of my aunt didn’t want me to speak to a school’s counselor. In case, I will be taken away for what I may say about my parent’s separation. Of course, both social worker and other professions involved in my community and my family have lack of knowledge and understanding of each other. Such as my family didn’t fully understand the role of a social worker and the social worker doesn’t fully understand my family’s culture, values and language. The reason why I went into social work profession later on was because I was curious about the gaps my family weren’t able to answer for me. My family were Vietnamese refugees who came to Canada to restart their life in a new country. Significantly, they have to adapt and adjust their own worldview into a western culture. For example, they didn’t know or how to access the resources or systems in Canada. Especially, my mother lives with meningitis wasn’t given…

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