Social Support In College Essay

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The Value of Social Support in the life of a College Student Throughout this semester we spoke about many aspects of social interactions. Most of the information we became competent in, discussed what an influence close relationships have on us across our life span. Continuing, we learned how we can maintain these relationships and the importance of doing so as they have been known to be adaptive mechanisms that promote survival. This paper serves to discuss the value of social support in the context on an individual level rather than the evolutionary approach. Social support can come in many different typologies or constructs. There are however 4 main ones: emotional, instrumental, informational, and appraisal.

Each of these
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They reported primarily on how they would define their mental health status at the given time. It was found that those who perceived a substantial amount of emotional support from friends, saw the least decline in their mental health status over time. This suggests that emotional support plays a vital role in managing stressful life events such as the previously mentioned challenge of transitioning into adulthood and college. One of the key factors explained in this article was the necessity for minority students/groups to have peers or staff that share their background, whether it be racial, ability status, or etc. (Hefner, 2009) I would like to argue that this should definitely be a focus of large universities that would like to see higher retention rates of minority groups, ultimately making their respective campuses more accommodating for a more diverse population. When explaining characteristics of how some individuals maintained their positive mental health the article states, “These emerging adults also had friends from their home community at the university, and their friends’ presence provided a secure base for exploring new experiences and friendships.” (Hefner, 2009) This highlights the importance of a representative

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