Social Structure Of The South 's Biggest Universities Essay

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For centuries our society has been fighting for equality of race, at times facing great setback and strife. Walking through certain cities today, they seem so fully integrated that it would be hard to remember that they were once otherwise. However, as you travel deeper into the south that centuries old racism becomes more and more prevalent. It is not uncommon to see a confederate flag outside someone’s house or flying behind a teenage boy’s lifted truck. It wouldn’t be shocking to hear a racial slur leave an old man’s mouth. This type of behavior is extremely common in the state of Alabama where southern roots remain strong in communities. This influence reaches even into the social structure of the south’s biggest universities. Although the racism continues to be present in the University of Alabama Greek system, forced integration would only cause harm to the intricate process and all parties involved. Fraternity and Sorority organizations are private with their own bylaws and traditions. There is no reason for these organizations to be regulated by any university. While some may argue that the traditions are flawed, tradition is tradition. Flawed or not, no one is forced to participate in Panhellenic rush, nor is the National Pan-Hellenic council expected to integrate. As the mindsets of the the members change, traditions evolve as well. There is no doubt that Greek life will begin to integrate naturally without policies set in place by universities. As the…

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