Rape Culture Essay

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Ifeanyi Eseka
Professor Jones
English 1A
7 October 2016
Rape culture
Sexual assault is an in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or a non-consensual touching of a person. In universities across the country, an increasing number of victims of sexual assault are stepping forward and reporting their incident to the authorities. Yet only a handful of them are taken seriously allowing the offenders to go unpunished. Very few cases are investigated properly and the perpetrators aren’t being convicted to the full extent of the law. In an article by Yitzchak Besser, the university found three men guilty of sexual assault and harassment, but punished them with being banned from campus only after they finish
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I strongly suggest that people come out with their problems, because in order to get help you have to make the first move. Many of people would normally ask: “why didn’t you just go to the police?” A federal report found fewer than 5 percent of college women who suffered completed or attempted rapes reported it to law enforcement. Almost a quarter of rape victims who did not report said they were afraid of being treated with hostility. Twenty-seven percent said they thought the police wouldn’t think it was serious enough. These cases are being hidden because the victims don’t want to be judged by their …show more content…
And in the statement they should include information about the definition and prevalence of sexual assault, the circumstances in which it commonly occurs, what to do if it happens, university sanctions, campus resources, and prevention strategies. The policy should strongly encourage victims to report these incidents.

College Rape Prevention Programs, A program meant train first-year female college students to avoid rape substantially lower their risk of being sexually assaulted. These programs would better inform these females on how to assess risks, learn a couple self-defense technics and defining personal sexual boundaries, knowing when someone is getting too close. I believe that implementing programs like these in colleges across the country to help reduce sexual assaults.
Finally, the consequences, it is important to make people aware of the consequences of sexual assault on campus, that it is a criminal offense and that one could be sent to jail if found

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