A Raisin In The Sun Racism Essay

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A Raisin in the Sun

In society we encounter different personalities in our daily lives such as the way one person speaks and how a person judges another. There is all kinds of race in the world, but some cannot get along with each other because they think they are better than the others. In the play “ A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, you can see how race becomes a huge impact because during the slavery movement till 1960’s there was a conflict between the African Americans and white americans due to their skin color. Still, racism can be seen in today’s society, but not as prevalent as it was from back then, but it should not continue because we are supposed to get along with each other not hate one another. The Younger family
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The Younger’s family are all black: Walter Lee Younger the chauffeur, Beneatha Younger who is twenty years old and goes to college to become a doctor, Lena Younger is Walter and Beneatha’s mother, Ruth Younger is Walter’s wife and Travis Younger mother, and Travis Younger is the youngest in the family. The Younger’s wanted to move away into a suburban neighborhood because they wanted to live a better life and progress in the future. It is hard for the Younger’s to move into a suburban area because there are white people living there and they hated African American. They thought that their property will be destroyed and the Black people of Chicago were viewed as “violent” to the community. Real estate agents would have to sell houses in a way to avoid any problems. Just like Mr.Linder, he is a real estate agent representing Clybourne Park and is white and tried to bribe the Younger’s family to stay out of the neighborhood because they were Black and thinks something might happen. For example, if a real estate agent was to sell a house to a black person, the agent will have to sell the house in a community that has African Americans only for no problems. This is in Chicago generally during the 1920’s through 1960’s though we still see some of it happen …show more content…
When you want to buy or rent a house or apartment you want to live in a place where there’s quietness, no crimes and a place where you might want to start a new family. There are all kinds of race like middle easterners, hispanics, african americans, asians, europeans, italians and so on, but to get to the point these different races are disrespected from the white people. White people want to live in a civilized community which is never possible because the people they dislike are around them unless it is a gated community correct. White people do not consider everyone as an ally till this day because of politics and to compare to the play “ A Raisin in the Sun”(Lorraine Hansberry) racism was also a political war since slavery in the play. Eventually, the Younger’s fulfill their dream and move out of their

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