Social Stratification And Its Effect On Society Essay example

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Social Stratification
Social stratification is the separation of groups into distinct strata, or rankings based on many different factors associated with power. There are four main systems of stratification that perpetuates inequality in a society. One system of stratification is slavery. Slavery is a system in which certain people are considered property and are forced to serve the individuals who own them. For example, in the past African Americans had no choice but to be slaves to members of the white population in the United States. “Slave” is an ascribed status that cannot be changed, thus slavery is considered to be a closed system. Another example of a closed system is the caste system. In a caste system, individuals have ascribed social statuses that rarely change throughout their life spans. Additionally, there are clear boundaries between the different rankings in which interactions and relations between individuals of different rankings are regulated. The most recognized caste system was that of Hindus in India. The system consists of five different levels of social status in which individuals are born: priests, warriors, merchants, artisans/farmers and untouchables. Individuals pass on their social status to their children; vertical mobility is generally nonexistent. Estate systems too are, for the most part, considered a closed system. Members of this stratification systems have ascribed statuses and rarely move from one social position to another of a…

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