Social Society : A Creative And Intelligent Thinker Essay

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Leah Jacobson
Professor Schwartz
December 5, 2016

Social Society

From the age of twelve, Jane Austen was a creative and intelligent thinker. She started writing short stories and she would give them to her family to read. Not only would she write short stories but poems and novels as well. By the age of 21 Austen had developed her own stile of writing but was rejected from publishing. Austen always had a sense of pride in her writing but in the 1800s, a woman having a place in society was not a common and well-practiced thing. This forced Austen to realise her books as written by anonymous. When writing her books, specifically Emma, Austen often based them on what she saw in society around her. England had very strict social classes during that time and Austen was very careful to maintain the importance of the British class structure. Through Austen’s writing you can clearly see the issue of class in social British society.

When writing her books, Austen depicts a society, which seems privileged and pleasant and her heroines in particular, usually discover in the course of the book that individual happiness cannot exist separately from our responsibilities to others. The heroin would give up on their own important values to have what everyone else in society around them has and what seems like the norm around them. For example, in order to achieve success of gain wealth, the heroine usually would marry into a rich family, thus achieving the goal of wealth and…

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