Formal Social Controls: How Laws Affect My Family

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The formal social controls which govern society are known as laws. Every family is affected by the laws of our society, some more than others. Laws tend to stem from society’s established norms, and over time, as the norms of society change, old laws may be altered or overwritten and new laws may be established. As I am not a United States citizen and I am in same-sex relationship with an African American woman, immigration and same-sex marriage laws greatly affect my family. Laws regarding immigration have been frequently altered in the past, and a recent law has been passed legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the United States of America. This exemplifies the fact that laws change along with our dominant societal views, which may include views towards other ethnicities, and sexuality. In this essay, I will argue the ways in which my family and I will be affected by immigration …show more content…
Upon closer examination, we realize that certain benefits are awarded and others taken away, solely based on the established laws of that time. As society’s views change, the laws which govern us are also subject to change. Choosing to marry my partner and permanently move to the United States of American will greatly affect my life, as I will be leaving behind my family and home country. Even after the paperwork which my partner and I will have to file, I will not enjoy all of the benefits of being a United States citizen until after a specific period of time of being married to my partner. The recent legalization of same-sex marriage will at least award us the opportunity to be legally recognized by the world as a married couple, and not just same-sex partners living together in the same household. This gives us the ability to enjoy many benefits only previously awarded to hetero-sexual couples, such as adopting a child and both being equally realized as being his/her

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