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Willie Coleman
RED HAT 2334 Tree Hill Anchorage, Alaska 74125
Willie Coleman
RED HAT 2334 Tree Hill Anchorage, Alaska 74125

This program is designed to communicate the intent and responsibilities for the ethics compliance. This will be accomplished by promoting a culture that encourages the highest standards of ethical business conduct. Also adhering to the standards to prevent inappropriate conduct to protect the reputation of the Red Hat.
Applies To This procedure applies to all employees of Red Hat from the general laborers to the CEO
Daily Operational Rules to Follow
Red Hat will conduct its business with the honesty and integrity with compliance in both
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Special ethics training shall be required for designated employees that will be identified on a periodic basis on their authority in acting on behalf of Red Hat endeavors.
All employees are forbidden will remove themselves from any dealings with businesses that employ any member of their family. This will also include businesses that a family member has any type of financial interest in.
Managers and Supervisors will not supervise any employee that does business on behalf of Red Hat with any family member employed by another company doing business with Red Hat
Employee concerns process Concerning Ethics
Requirements of Managers & Supervisors
All shall take a leadership role that will create a culture of integrity by requiring the highest ethical standards by fully supporting and implementing the Ethics & Compliance Program.
They will promote a work environment encouraging questions or concerns with regards to any business ethics that may be raised without fear of retaliation.
To resolve any ethics issues raised in a timely manner.
Making sure that all employees under their supervision will receive appropriate ethics training as outline in the Ethics & Compliance Program. Red Hat provides an open door policy for employees to talk to manage about any incidents that they have witnessed in violation of company policies.
Employees will have the opportunity to anonymously report incidents of discrimination or sexual

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