Essay on Social Psychology Is Defined As The Branch Of Psychology

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Social Psychology
Social psychology is defined as the branch of psychology that studies the effect of social variables on individuals behavior, attitudes, perceptions, and motives. It also studies group and intergroup phenomena. Many people have to deal with social situations that may make them feel uncomfortable or change the way one may view himself in the world. In Redirect, by Timothy D. Wilson, the ideas of the impact of social situations on individuals is shown throughout most of the book, and focuses on how to cope with social influences and the way they can make one feel about himself. Social psychology plays a big role in human behavior and obtaining a grasp on how to ignore negativities can make a big difference in everyone’s lives. Parental, peer, and elder interactions have a major impact on an individual. Whether they are learning their first words from their parents or learning how to avoid negative party scenes as a teenager, the people one keeps at their side makes a big difference in how they may feel about the world around them. Wilson has shown that it is best to grow up in a safe condition, with no negative disruptions. It is also best for a child to know that they have people there for them to support them, but not feel as if they are the smartest, most accomplished child out there. The way a child is raised makes a big difference in the way they will act in the future. For example, a child who is raised in good conditions with a family who focuses on…

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