Social, Political, And Personal Context Essays

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According to Beauvoir, ‘One is not, but rather becomes a woman’. The journey of female experiences: development of the female body, sexuality, gender roles, emotional recovery; combined with the patriarchal oppression are processes of socialisation which enforce a person to ‘become a woman.’ Waters is concerned with a particular period in women 's history, which is shunned by the aftermath of World War I. Whereas, Olds is concerned with a particular period in her personal history as a woman. Both writers investigate the way social, political, and personal context to explore the female journey.

Olds use of personification in ‘Poem for the Breasts’, signifies the development of sexual identity. The journey of her breasts is mirrored to the journey of her own ‘they 're forty, wise, generous’, it’s also symbolic for the collection as it displays a journey unfolding. The complicated use of language, ‘I am inside them- in a way, under them,’ suggests a complex relationship between the narrator and her body. As ‘the boys were said to worship’ them, the body is a link to her sexuality with men, especially her ‘departed husband’. The form has the attribute of an ode, it acts as an appreciation of the female body. Her body is a metaphor for her denial in ‘Not Going to Him’, ‘my body may never learn not to yearn for that one’; the thirst of her physical desires cannot be overcome by self control. The itemising of her former husband 's body helps further enforce this. As she…

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