Social Networking: The Importance Of Social Media

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Not many people could deny the importance of social networking. In today’s world a lot of people use different social media programs such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat to connect with people and interact. These days if a person wants to know the latest news etc, some might argue these are the applications to do it (Ofcom, 2014). Social media became very important to many people around the world as it allowed them to communicate with each other from anywhere. For students abroad social media is also a particularly important thing for them to communicate with their families and feel like they are with them. Social communication programs have made the world a small village and make it very easy to communicate (Sawyer,1978). The use of social networking will help create closer ties between the governments and their citizens, and also it benefits businesses. This essay aims to analyze the effects …show more content…
Most of the social network users access the services by mobile phone. However Compared to Internet users now, there is a sudden surge as the population have increased with almost 7-percentage increase in social media account users since 2014 (Social Media London, 2015). Moreover, the number of people using tablets to go online doubled from 16 percentages in 2012 to 30 percentages in 2013. And Six in ten adults in UK now use a smartphone, which is about 62% in (2014), which definitely increased from 54-percentage in 2012 (Ofcom, 2014).
In conclusion, Definitely, technology is a double-edged sword where it could be both an advantage and a disadvantage to the society. Whatever people use it; the effect is enormous and has a huge impact. More and more people seek Social Network Site as a way to communicate with people globally and reach new heights in terms of business profits and government

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