Essay on Social Networking: Does It Do More Good to Us Than Bad??

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Social Networking: Does it do More Good to Us than Bad? Social Networking, a word so common among youngsters in the present has somewhat taken over their world. It has become so popular among the hip and young society of today, that it has become almost a way of life for them. Walk into any college computer lab in the US and you’re bound to see dozens of students logged onto a social network (SN). In the last few years with faster internet connections coming into service, the use of social networks have sky rocketed; especially among young adults. Since social networking has become such a controversial topic these days, I decided to conduct my research project on the pros and cons of social networking. Has it done more good to society …show more content…
It shows that 91% of users logged onto keep in touch with their regular friends, while almost 82% used it to be in touch with distant friends. Now moving onto explore the main aspects of my research project which are Pros and Cons of SN, I turned to several scholarly articles plus a few websites. The SN industry has now become a money minting industry that a lot of attention has been focused on it. The SNs have connected millions of people around the world creating long lasting friendships which would not have been possible if not for SNs. It has also resulted in a mega boom in online advertising which is widely being used to promote many products and services. The website defines number of advantages of Social networking which are as follows, It satisfies the basic human need to connect Most of all, though, human beings are social creatures. As such, the root of all success from social networking sites is based on a need to connect and expand connections. For most of history, connections were largely limited by geographical or economic considerations. Social networks allow people to expand their connections around interests. The proliferation of blogs has shown that people love to share their opinion. The proliferation of the open source movement shows that some people love to share their expertise. Social networks appeal

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