Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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How do we view the modern world today? Usually the first thing to come to mind is technology. Technology has expanded, from simple computing tasks, to the use of social media as an everyday task for the vast majority of the population. The real concern, however, is how much social media impacts the lives of its users. Several articles focus on the importance of social media’s effect on modern day lives. While there is much research on the topic, the six articles synthesized in this essay provide a clear overview of three important focuses; personality aspect, political impact, and economic influence. To follow the overall main idea of all the articles there needs to be a flow of structure. With each category I will explain each
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The article, The Political Power of Social Media by Clay Shirky, focuses on the political impact of social media. This article talks about how social media has shaped and impacted the modern political world. “Social media have become coordinating tools for nearly all of the world’s political movements”(Shirky). Current events are now publicized on different forms of social media which allows a sense of freedom toward voicing personal opinions. Another article discussing the political impact of social media is, The Networked Young Citizen: social media, political participation, and civic engagement by Brian D. Loader, it raises the idea that social media is shaping the political world. “The political identity and attitudes of young citizens are thereby seen to be increasingly shaped [...] by the manner in which they participate and interact through the social networks which they themselves have had a significant part in constructing.” (Loader). As more young adults become vocal on the issues it changes the audience. Although both articles agree that social media affects politics, the Loader article focuses on how users of social media steer the political issues. If there is something that is viewed as ‘wrong’ then being active on social media can change the outlook on

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