Essay on Social Media 's Effect On Communication

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Today’s society has become centered on the use of social media. For some corporations, social media has broadened its horizons, bringing in more business then ever imagined. Social media has connected people from all other the world and allowed these people to share ideas as if they were right next to each other. However, there are some down falls to social media especially for employers. Most people do not think before they post, which can lead to very inappropriate things getting released for the whole work can see. For this reason, employers should monitor employees’ social media to make sure they are representing the company in the best way possible.

In order for a company to move forward with progress and development, it starts with communication. A company without proper communication could ultimately fall apart. Social media can affect communication in a company in a very poor way. A study was conducted with about 2,300 global employees (Dinnen, 2014). Of this amount, only about four out ten people really knew what their company did and what its’ objectives were. It was also founded that 88% of employees spent time on their social media during work (Dinnen 2014). Employees should be focusing on their tasks at hand while at work, however that is clearly not what is going on. In the same study, results found that 50% of employees will post messages, pictures videos, or links about their employer on their personal social media sights (Dinner, 2014). These types of…

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