Social Media Or Anti Social? Essay

1839 Words Feb 7th, 2016 null Page
Social Media or Anti-Social? “From the moment they first came along, social media have been debated. They have been blamed and celebrate, condemned and defended” (Mauk, 142). In today’s society, social media is essentially inescapable for the younger population. Developing minds are clouded with imagines that make them question their own self-regard. It is basic human nature to desire acceptance by others. Just as a fire needs oxygen to thrive, humans, especially those who are young and still forming their identity, need companionship and validation by others to feel as though they are worthy. As young people look to social media to compare themselves to others they are negatively impacted in numerous ways. A major way young people evaluate their self-worth is through social media. Today, one has sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram available to them from a very young age. While some say it is normal due to the technology driven world we live in, access to these media sources greatly impacts developing minds. One comes to believe that it is not personality that matters, but the number of followers and online friends that one can build up. After being on Instagram for over four years, I have a following of about 500 people. When I get over eighty “likes” on a photo I am shocked. Although my numbers are miniscule compared to the 300 plus “likes” my roommate usually receives, my surprise comes mainly from the fact that I could not name eighty people who I…

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