Social Media Is An Amazing Thing Essay

1634 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
Some may argue that social media is an amazing thing, while others argue that is negative. It has become a substitution for the emotional needs people seek, people are losing social skills such as face-to-face, personal communication, as well as the younger generations not knowing how to differentiate real from fake things being posted. Additionally, the time people are spending on social media has become outrageous. Social media is destroying interpersonal communication spanning the generations.
Social media is substituting emotional needs that adults and teens should be getting from real human interactions with face-to-face situations rather than online. When one analyzes what people have posted on social media, we realize, that in some sort of way, users are trying to fill a gap inside their emotional needs. They will post things like “I hate my life” or “O my gosh, I am the happiest person,” and people will respond back saying, “Don’t worry everything has a solution” or “Waw, bragging much??” In this situation, social media allows posts with little or no filter at all; making it extremely easy for people to pore out their emotion that others can interpret as a call for help or a call for attention. Teens are an exceptional example of this because they are spending too much time on social media and not enough time having real interactions with the real people surrounding them. Sometimes teens tend to feel unheard, and they think that social media is an easy way of being…

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