Social Media Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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As social media grows people can easily connect to each other’s. There’s a TV, cellphone, internet and all the other SNS (Social Network System) s which allow people to share and post their personal thoughts. However, on the other hand, this social media is setting unrealistic standard on outward appearance, showing beautiful celebrities, making fun of ugly people and also perpetuating discrimination towards those who are inferior to the standard. Because of this standard, people are comparing their appearances to the other celebrities’ or other normal people and get obsessed with it. This ends up with getting stressed and low self-esteem. So people starts to look for some kind of method to improve and fix their appearances because they can’t …show more content…
It’s their rights and responsibility to think and decide what is good or bad for them. If someone is talking about the money that spent on plastic surgery is a waste, than arguing with him is a waste of time. He or she is not respecting the other person’s decision. It is hard to judge other people’s thoughts and decisions because every individual has their own life and they make their own decisions. People have to understand and respect other’s decisions. All people cannot be satisfied with their body or face, especially women. According to the survey, “more than 90 percent of women age 18-24 are unhappy with at least one body part, compared to 85 percent in the 55-64 age range” (One in 5). This is natural because human wants to pursue happiness and from plastic surgery they can gain happiness. Plastic surgery is an opportunity to change your life. Why bother doing it when you have the chance to improve your life’s quality. Garci 'a 's study found that all eight dimensions of life quality has been improved after the surgery including physical, social functioning, degree of pain, and general health status (Doheny). It’s your

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