Social Media In The Workplace: A Case Study

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Today’s society has become centered on the use of social media. For some corporations, social media has broadened its horizons, bringing in more business then ever imagined. Social media has connected people from all other the world and allowed these people to share ideas as if they were right next to each other. However, there are some down falls to social media especially for employers. Most people do not think before they post, which can lead to very inappropriate things getting released for the whole work can see. For this reason, employers should monitor employees’ social media to make sure they are representing the company in the best way possible.

In order for a company to move forward with progress and development, it starts with
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With the extensive growing use of social media, lawsuits of all sorts have also been growing in numbers. Employers should be motivated to monitor social media to limit the amount of possibilities for lawsuits. Employers are able to use certain programs to track how much work each employee is getting done (Workplace, 2015). Employers need to use any rights they have to guarantee their employees are working. Employers have many legal rights that most of them are not aware of (Workplace, 2015). Lawsuits can arise because of simple posts from employees while at the workplace. There have been many situations that have occurred because of what employees believe to be harmless. Social media can be very sensitive at times and the wrong wording of a post could leave a company liable (Workplace, 2015). Employers need to be motivated to ensure the safety of their companies. Businesses are very with trying to make customers happy and do not have time to deal with unnecessary …show more content…
Within these codes should be the guidelines that every employee should abide by. Also, there are the unstated ethical values that people should consider in their every day life. When it comes to social media, sadly, many people forget these ethical values. Social media has become a feeding ground the complaints without end. It is a growing issue that employees are discussing colleagues, customers, and supplies in an inappropriate manner (Lunday, 2010). Everyone has their bad days, but it does not need to posted all over social media. Social media has caused people to forget their ethical values and it in turn can hurt the employer (Lunday, 2010). There is always the worry of mistakenly or intentionally providing personal information of a colleague, customer or supplier on social media, which violates the value of trust. Some employees are entrusted with very important and secret information that is not for the eyes of the public (Lunday, 2010). One slip of an inappropriate post could put a company in serious risk. Employers that monitor their employees social media can make sure that everyone is following the code of conduct and not getting the company in

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