Social Media As An Agent Of Socialization Essay examples

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The Stage of Social-Networking
Most people are seemingly unaware of the Sociological effects of social networking as touched on in the essay “The Fakebook Generation” written by columnist Alice Mathias. This essay will elaborate on those views by arguing the sociological effects of major social media forums. The following will explore the isolating negative effects of social media as an agent of socialization. This essay will investigate social media’s influence on the enforcement of social roles, social status, and stereotypes. It will expand upon the negative consequences of the digital age and how it is keeping us apart.
The primary function of social networking appears to be communication, access to information, and entertainment. The latent functions of social-networking allow it to be an agent of socialization and an enforcer of social norms. Social norms are standards of behavior that are accepted and upheld by society. Social networkers are either viewed as adhering to social norms or participating in unacceptable behaviors. The access to this information at higher speeds and greater quantities makes social media a powerful agent of socialization. The most common agents of socialization are family systems, religious organizations, mass media, and institutions such as the workplace and school. Whether knowingly or unknowingly “friends” or “followers” appear to have accumulatively become effective and powerful enforcers of social norms. Sexuality,…

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